How To Organize Spices In A Drawer

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Are you tired of pulling every spice jar out of your cabinet just to find the jar you actually need? If you’re looking for inspiration on how to organize your spices, then today’s post is just for you! Not only am I going to show you how to organize a spice cabinet, but I am going to teach you how to organize spices in a drawer.How to organize spices in a drawer is easier than figuring out how to organize a spice cabinets.

Advantages of Organizing Your Spices In A Drawer

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The most common method for storing spices in to keep them in a wall cabinet. While this method is effective, it is also inconvenient. Because the spices are lined and stacked up, jars are in front of each other. This prevents you from reading the labels on the front of the jar. It forces you to take jars out to find the spice you need. Figuring out how to organize a spice cabinet can be tricky.

The advantage of organizing your spices in a drawer with my method is that you can read the labels from the top. There is no more searching for spices! No more losing jars or forgetting about them until they are expired. 

Finding The Right Drawer 

While any drawer can be used for spice organization, I find that a shallow drawer works best. Because I prefer not to stack my spices, I intentionally found a shallow drawer where my spices can be single stacked.

It’s also important to note that you want your new spice drawer to be close to the area where you cook and prepare food. 

Using The Right Jar For Spice Drawer Organization

As I mentioned, I use a shallow drawer. Because I use a shallow drawer, it requires the use of shallow jars. I have found that these 4-ounce glass canning jars work best for storing my spices.

They store the right amount of spices and allow me to fit an adequate amount of jars in my drawer.

I do also have a few of these jars in my spice drawer, too. I like to use this size for bulkier herbs like bay leaves. 

What If I Don’t Have a Shallow Drawer?

If you don’t have a shallow drawer, or perhaps you want to store your spices in larger jars, a deep drawer would work, too.

A deep drawer would allow you to stack spice jars on top of each other, thus maximizing the amount of spices you can store.

Using a deep drawer would also allow you to increase the size and height of your spice jar. This would be great for spices you use regularly and might need to refill more often.

Can I Use A Roll Out Tray To Organize My Spices?

Yes! A roll out tray would work just as good as a drawer. Using a roll out tray would also allow you to organize your spices in the bottom part of a base cabinet, or even in a pantry. 

Just remember to use a roll out tray that is close to your cooking and prep area.

How I Organize My Spice DrawerLearn how to organize your spices using a drawer and some homemade labels.

My spice drawer is organized by category. At the front of my spice drawer, I group the six most commonly used spices. I then group my herbs together, followed by a grouping of ethnic spices. At the back of my drawer is where I put the least used spices and herbs.

My spice spice drawer does not include baking spices. I store these in a separate cabinet. 

Ideas for Spice and Herb Organization 

There are numerous ways you can organize the spices and herbs in your spice drawer. Below I am going to list several options. However, use a method that makes the most sense for you and is the most convenient. You may find that you try several different methods or need to tweak your system until it works for you.

  • Alphabetical order
  • Group in categories
  • Throw it in the drawer unorganized
  • Commonly used in the front, least used in the back
  • One side is spices, the  other side is herbs

How The Drawer Method Works

I purchase my spices in bulk, one-pound packages. I also grow most of my own herbs in container gardens, and dry them on my herb drying rack. Because of this, I always have more spices than I could ever possibly fit in my spice and herb drawer.

So I fill each 4-ounce jar and store the extra spices in my pantry. Then, as needed, I fill the jars in my spice drawer.

Another advantage to using these jars with the label on top is that you can see what needs to be filled. and what you are running low on.

How To Prevent Your Jars From Shifting When The Drawer Is Closed

The spice jars will inevitably shift and scoot when the drawer is closed. Not to worry, though! I have several suggestions for preventing this.

  • Use a rubber drawer liner
  • Use sticky back Velcro dots
  • Organize the jars into shallow plastic bins

Can I Use This Method In A Wall Cabinet?

This method it ideal for use in a drawer. That’s not to say that you can’t use it to organize a spice wall cabinet, though. 

If I were to use this method in a wall cabinet, I would stack the jars on top of each other as tall as safely possible. Then I would label the front of the jars, as opposed to the tops.

How To Create a Spice Drawer

Needed Supplies

Step 1

Locate a drawer that is close proximity to your cooking and prep work area. This drawer is ideally shallow. A roll out tray can also be used.

Step 2

Determine what you will use to prevent your spice jars from shifting and scooting. This could be a rubber drawer liner, Velcro double stick dots, or shallow plastic baskets.

Step 3

Wash and thoroughly dry the jars you will be using. If necessary, wash and dry the lids and rings, too. Don’t rush the drying time. Believe me, you do not want any moisture in your spices and herbs!

Step 4

Print the below list titled How to Create Spice Jar Labels. Follow the directions to create your labels. Attach the labels to the lid. This is done most effectively when the ring is not in place.

Step 5

Fill your jars with spices and organize (or not) your new spice drawer!

How To Create Spice Jar Labels

Use these easy-to-follow directions to create and print your spice jar labels at

  1. Go to
  2. In the search box at the top, enter in product code 22808. Then click on 'Free Template'.
  3. Now click 'Start Designing'.
  4. From here, you can custom design your own labels, or choose a pre-designed label.
  5. To find the label design I used, in the search box, enter the word 'floral'. Scroll down and it will be the 12th design.
  6. Once you find your desired design, click 'Select This Design'.
  7. Now you will choose 'Edit One' to edit each label individually.
  8. From here, you will type in the name of your spices on each individual circle.
  9. When you are finished, select the green 'Preview and Print' button (at the bottom of the screen).
  10. Now select 'Print Yourself', then 'Get PDF To Print', Then choose to either save or don't save your design.
  11. Last, click 'Open PDF' and follow the printing instructions for your printer.

Tips For Use And Maintenance

If you are printing these labels from home, chances are your ink and label will not be waterproof. It is best practice to not open your jars with wet or dirty hands. The lid should never be submerged in water.  

Having said that, I do like to wash my spice jars about once a year. I do not wash the lid. Instead, I use a slightly damp cloth and wipe the backside (without the label).

Alternative Uses For Spice Jar LabelsHow to organize a spice drawer.

In addition to organizing my spice drawer with labels, I also use them on my glass storage jars. By using glass jars to store things like popcorn kernels, flour and rice, I can easily see what I am running low on.

And to give my kitchen a cohesive look, I use the same labels on my pantry jars as I do my spice drawer jars.

I hope this article gave you inspiration to not only organize your spices in a drawer, but, if needed, to learn how to organize a spice cabinet. Let me know in the comments if you try my spice drawer organization method. 

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