My Homestead Story

When I was 21 and my (future) husband was 24, we purchased 10 acres of vacant property in Northern Michigan. The property had an old cabin, complete with an outhouse, no electricity and a hand pump for water. We lived in the cabin while we saved money to bring in electricity, have a well drilled and buy a house trailer to temporarily live in.

We spent the next six years saving money and building our dream home on these 10 acres, paying cash for everything as we went along. During this time, we got married and were blessed with two daughters (a third daughter would come later). We started our homestead in a small way, first with chickens for meat and eggs, and later added a pig. We also put in a small garden and slowly turned my black thumb green.

In the fall of 2014, we finally moved into our newly built house and have continued to expand our homestead through the years. We have since added 15 adjacent acres, giving us a total of 25 acres.

Two years ago, after outgrowing the small buildings and shed that housed our animals, feed and straw, we built a barn. Today, our barn is the home to chickens, pigs, turkeys, sheep, rabbits and goats.

Join me on my Northern Michigan farm as I share my modern homesteading life!


Random Facts About Me:

As a teenager, I had plans to become a CPA, move to a big city and climb the corporate ladder. I’m sure glad that plan didn’t work out!

I homeschool my three children and have for the last 6 years.

I was a reluctant stay at home mom. It took me a full year to transition from working fulltime to staying home. Now, it’s the busiest, best “job” I’ve ever had!

I am a very organized person. I love lists, schedules and labeled jars.

I grew up on the same dirt road that I now own property and homestead on. My siblings and I grew up swimming in the pond that is on my homestead

I am an avid collector of antique and vintage kitchen anything- cookbooks, aprons, linens, tins- I love it all!

My favorite place to be is in my kitchen, cooking and feeding the people I love.